Pay as You Grow

From your company’s debut to achieving major success, we have your back. Adjust resources as your company grows. You define values. We provide them.

Goodbye Datacenter!

You can rely on us to continually run your infrastructure with no service breakdowns or security faults. No need to worry about upgrades or extensive and tedious machine performance analysis. We carry that weight on our shoulders.

Reduce Cost

Invest the adequate amount of money in equipment suitable to your company’s extent. Optimise resources. Maximize performance. A per use model is what you need to bend the balance to your side.

Clear and uncomplicated

Believing in virtual datacenters is not enough, so we do provide an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. Effortlessly manage your servers with a simple access from any web browser.

Go Green on the Clouds

The impact of a business on environment can be brutal. Choosing Vmuse IaaS will suppress underused IT, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission. Virtualization meets greener IT.

Always Available

Trust us to quickly provision what your company needs. Expect rapid intervention in the everyday issues. We’re elastic. We’re resilient. We’re available.

From 38,43€/month

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